John Wick looks cool as a NES game

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      You know you’ve made it to the top of the popular culture tree when someone reimagines you as a NES game – and that’s exactly what’s happened to John Wick.

      With the third entry in Keanu Reeves’ handgun-fest in cinemas now, Brazilian indie game developer JoyMasher and friend Dominic Ninmark created a fake John Wick NES game and popped it on YouTube.

      In the video we see an 8-bit Wick side-scroll across the screen, ducking behind cover to avoid enemy fire while popping up every now and then to fire himself.

      At the end of the level, Wick takes down an enemy chopper, before he’s reunited with his dog. Lovely.

      While John Wick looks like he’d make a great NES game, there is an actual John Wick video game in development. It’s called John Wick Hex and it’s developed by Thomas Was Alone and Volume creator Mike Bithell.

      If you can’t wait for that, Fortnite has an official John Wick mode.

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