Google announces the Nest Hub Max, a new home device with a camera

Trang Chủ Diễn đàn FORUMS CÔNG NGHỆ Google announces the Nest Hub Max, a new home device with a camera

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      Google has officially unveiled the previously leaked Nest Hub Max, a 10-inch smart display that’s essentially the Google Home Max, Nest Camera, and the Google Home Hub combined into a singular device. Unlike the Google Home Hub, which Google has chosen not to put a camera on, the Nest Hub Max can act as an indoor security camera that streams a live feed of your home to your phone.

      With a camera, the Nest Hub Max can now recognize your face when you arrive home and will bring up a personalized home page, such as calendar notifications or your own photos for the background slideshow. The feature is called Face Match, that Google says the device processes facial data locally and does not upload it to the cloud.

      You can also use the Nest Hub Max to make video calls, like other smart displays with Amazon Alexa. (Google’s device uses Duo for those calls.) Google says you’ll always know when the camera is on when the light is lit in green. Additionally, the device can act as a control panel for other smart home devices in your house, such as lights and, of course, Nest’s own thermostat. Just like the regular Hub, it can also display photos / timers or play YouTube videos from your voice commands. It can even stream live shows and act as a tiny TV, if you wish. To stop the Nest Hub Max from playing audio, video, or from speaking, you can also just raise your hand to end whatever it’s doing.

      Nest Hub Max costs $229 and ships “later this summer.”

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